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24 Things To Do Without Leaving Your Couch.

Feeling a bit disconnected because of the coronavirus quarantine and stay-at-home orders? Got little kids (and big ones) who don't know what to do with themselves?

You aren't alone. Across the world many people are feeling the same, and struggling with the best way to cope. But being at home doesn't mean you need to be isolated from the world. There's still lot's of fun to do and things to learn.

From astronauts reading stories to kids from space to learning a new language and baking bread, we've compiled a list of free (mostly) things you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home or needing to get out of your pajamas.

1.Read a book. Or listen to one. A “National Emergency Library” is offering free access to millions of books online.

2. Make bread and pasta and learn from an expert. An 84-year-old Nona is Live-Streaming pasta making classes from her home in Italy (not free)

3. Stay in and have fun! Online Pub Trivia is a thing.

4. Have fun with friends without being in the same room together. Online Cards Games, including Cards Against Humanity can be just the thing for a fun night in with your besties.

5. Listen to music. NINE INCH NAILS just dropped two new albums for free.

6. Go to the circus. Cirque De Soleil…from your couch!

7. Visit Buckingham Palace.

8. Take a ride at Disney

9. Sit back and listen and Henry Cavill will read The Witcher to you.

10. Got a guitar you don't know what to do with? Learn guitar from Queen guitarist, Brian May

11. Enjoy some downtime while Patrick Stewart reads you sonnets

12. Stay fit and active with Chris Hemsworth doing workout videos for the next 6 weeks

13. Learn how to fold an Origami Darth Vader

14. Learn to be an Art Collector

15. Watch all episodes of Star Trek Picard for free without a subscription (might be US only)

16. Learn about the Cosmos from your couch thanks to the University of Toronto

17. Learn all kinds of things. Free courses from 190 Universities

18. Art therapy you can do from your couch

19. Kids story time from space—as read by astronauts (experts on social distancing)

20. Tour the Winchester House without leaving your couch (spooky!)

21. Keep your kids busy while you enjoy a cuppa with free online activities for kids from Disney and the Kennedy Space center

22. Learn a language for 6 months for free (sign up required)

23. Enjoy art. Free downloadable colouring pages from over 100 Museums and Libraries

24. Take care of YOU. Yale is offering its most popular course for free: The Science of Well-Being (or how to be happier in your life)

Whatever your situation and however you choose to spend your time, stay strong and say safe and be well. We're all in this together and we will get through it as one :)

~Kate and Chris

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